Do New Genesis will have a height restriction?

I hope not...

Dude just stop. You made a new account to troll a tropic talked to death here.

Height restrictions aren't going away and they've made that clear enough by locking all the threads.

Just stop.

🤣 Bruh, this guy never give up.

I missed the other thread. I hope it at least gets relaxed some since some of the important story characters are smaller than the restriction. For example Sukunahime who I really doubt is a child. Though I doubt it'll happen.

obviously not

I feel like i've seen this thread before...and so i have, but it's just locked on page 2 now.

Height restriction is bad ! Just look at others games atleast they have more ball than SEGA!

@Lolicon You need to be banned. You are an obvious troll account.