pso2 closes itself

I've been trying to play pso2 for the past couple of days and I have run into a decent amount of problems. When I click play on the pso2 launcher in steam, the game closes itself and nothing pops up. When I try to use the tweaker it says it requires elevation. When I run the tweaker as an admin, it will run but nothing would happen. I tried turning off windows defender when I launch it, but it did not change anything. Please advise, any help would be appreciated

Remove it from Quarantine? Also, disable Core Isolation in Windows Security > Device Security.

looks like game guard is being blocked to prevent having some issues put the entire directory of PSO2 in the exceptions to your anti-virus or Windows Defender ignore it and if you are running Windows 20H2 version well disable the core isolation and hope for the best, Game Guard hasn't patched to that version and Windows is active blocking Game Guard.