Nexon Invests $874 Million In Bandai Namco, Konami, and Sega Sammy

"Nexon announced that it invested an approximate $874 million in toy and video game companies across Japan and the United States. Nexon made the announcement through its securities report, where the company is required to disclose investments made. By the end of 2020, ¥92.4 billion (around $874 million) was invested in companies like Hasbro, Bandai Namco Holdings, Konami Holdings, and Sega Sammy Holdings."**

How do you guys feel about this last part? According to this news article, Nexon now has their hands in the pockets of Sega, and for that matter in PSO2's funbags.

The same as Tencent having ownership stake in Riot Games, Epic Games, Marvelous, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, PlatinumGames.

If we at least believe what Nexon says,

From Siliconera

Additionally, the company announced that it made estimated gains of approximately $279 million after taking into account market value. Nexon also stated that the investments are long-term investments with profit in mind and made with “no intention of acquisition or activism.”

From the Nexon's disclosure

In 2020, Nexon’s board authorized up to $1.5 billion for investment in entertainment companies that demonstrate the ability to develop and sustain strong globally recognized intellectual property. These are long-term friendly investments with no intention of acquisition or activism. As of the end of 2020, Nexon completed investments totaling ¥92.4 billion ($874 million) which represents 58% of the authorized amount and recorded an unrealized gain of ¥29.5 billion3 ($279 million3) under other comprehensive income.

considering the amount and the companies that is pretty much Nexon putting money and waiting to return in the long run, I don't think they plan to manage those companies even more when Hasbro literally only make toys and Konami is Konami, still all of then had a good share of revenue over last year even with Sega needing to close and sell some of their arcades in Japan.