Butchered Translations

Any reason why Items have butchered translations. An example of this would be "Klauz" which should read Claes.

@Coil クラース = kuraasu, so Klauz isn't wrong.

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Wait seriously? That's amazing. This isn't the first time that name has seen a longstanding fan/official translation controversy.

クラース is the name of the summoner and fourth party member in Tales of Phantasia, the original game in the Tales series first released on the SNES (see page 50 of its manual). That version wasn't localised, though romanisations in Japanese materials consistently called him Klarth so that's what a fan-translation first of the SNES version and later two fan-translations of the unlocalised PlayStation version used over the course of around 8 years.

His first official localisation came in Tales of Eternia (Destiny II in NA) where he was called Clark, but it wasn't until after Symphonia was a big success for the Gamecube that Phantasia itself was finally localised in the form of the hideous Game Boy Advance version. If PSO2 players thought liberate being turned into rivalate was bad, imagine the world-ending calamity Ragnarok becoming Kangaroo.

Despite that, from that version and in all official localisations since, クラース has been Claus. Fans didn't take to it at first! But at least it's a plausible name. Other characters didn't fare so well, such as his assistant Mirald, officially now Milard which evokes thoughts of an obese duck, or the elf leader Runeglom, officially now Lundgrom. (On the other hand Cress and Trinicus are arguably thematic improvements.)

I know this is all a bit of a tangent, but it's just interesting to me that this name already had a history of RPG translation differences, and that neither of its two commonly-known translations in PSO2 match the two it had in the Tales series.

@Miraglyth Katakana for made up words (especially when it comes to naming games objects such as weapons) can be localized in multiple different ways and technically many of them wouldn't be wrong.

The EN patch called these weapons "Cras", while the official localization is "Klauz", but it can't be said that either of them is wrong. Same for "Claus" as a person's name.

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technically many of them wouldn't be wrong.

Exactly, and that point was made with Phantasia discussion too: "I think I could probably list over 30 different ways [クラース] could be validly romanized."

For names and custom jargon (made-up words) I think it's more important that they're just consistent (we could have got better with the オフ connection between Ofze and Ophistia for example).

Accuracy may matter more when it's an actual word (Liberate?) because when it's meant to have been something and isn't it's a bit off-putting.