"Messy Long Hair" not working right on The Face of the Abyss dash

It's clipping through the body of my character. Doesn't do this with normal dash panels, just the most recent boss. Tried to get a decent SS of it. Hard since I cannot zoom in. As you can see though, it's going straight down on the "The face of the Abyss" dashing from platform to platform, rather than "floating" behind me as expected.

Boss Fight: f09877b0-1acf-4174-a96c-aa35e0cf1b18-image.png

Normal: d57139c2-beb4-473a-86bb-89f5afb2b172-image.png

This may happen with other long hairstyles too. Its happened to me with Armeure hair and with dash panels in general.

The long hair physics in this game are especially terrible with a large female character like the one I play as ("inflated" hair that defies gravity) . Made a thread about that way long ago and I got no response. So I made a support ticket for that instead and I did get a fast reply. They said that they would pass my feedback to the devs, but they likely won't do anything about it. Crossing my fingers its fixed in NGS and/or PSO2's graphics engine update? Maybe? ...

@EngineerNine486 well is obvious they wouldn't do anything to fix it with the current engine we have in global to see it break again, I don't know if this same issue is happening now in JP with the new engine but I know they had some issues with hairs

Yeah, I've noticed a few others have issues as well. I figured I'd just let someone know. Stuff can't get fixed if no one is aware. Oh well, maybe it gets fixed, maybe it doesn't. It only shows up during the the quest in question that I've seen.