[JP] Benchmark Function Disabled! NGS Version Will Release On Global!


The developers only work on Desktop, and are taking all current and future graphical feedback from CBT and the NGS Engine Update.

Please cooperate during Global CBT by sending in as much information about your build or monster mash as possible within the survey which will more than likely be released afterwards.

As a result of this ever changing information, there currently isn't a confirmed list of dinosaurs which would have to be tossed.

Previously, from Episode 4 and a link,

We know a little about a Character Creation Demo and a Graphics Analysis incorporated into one Benchmark Function.

According to Bumped, the character creator demo did not require Beta/Alpha Test entry or a SEGA ID.

Due to the text being written in all Japanese, an English version of this handy tool was never officially released.

(Which could likely have contributed into it's retirement.)

SEGA's Official Graphic Rating System Score:

★ Less than 2000: Please adjust your game settings because the processing load is quite heavy.

★★ 2000 through 5000: The game runs fine at the setting, if you have room, you can adjust some settings.

★★★ 5001+: The game works wonderfully at this setting.

Granted, this information isn't very helpful to modern hardcore PC users, so prior to NGS is a good time to say farewell to this feature.

As to whether or not it will return in a beefcake meme fashion, remains to be seen pre-launch of NGS.

Other than the score, the benchmark tool also showed the framerate it was running at during the benchmark process (though it doesn't show the average framerate at the end).

No benchmark tool has been made yet for NGS, but hopefully there will be one once they finalize the specs. The current closed beta specifications aren't finalized after all, there's still a chance they will make a benchmark tool for the release version of NGS.

Screenshot taken from Prologue 3: