GTX 750 (non Ti) / GT 1030? For PSO2 & New Genesis

So I Want To Update My GT 730 To GTX 750 (non Ti) / GT 1030. What is The Better Vga Performances To Play PSO2 And New Genesis???? 😧

It looks like the GTX 750 is slightly more powerful than the GT 1030, but both are below the GTX 950, which is the Low Quality minimum spec card from the JP CBT. Keep in mind, there is a chance that either card could still play the game on low quality since CBT specs tend to over-shoot a bit.

It is better to void the GTs and go for GTX minimum only lower series numbers with NVIDIA and it is also best to go with a TI for 6 or 7 series NVIDIAs. Also, the retirements listed are a bit bloated unless you want to run the game at 1080p or 4K. 720p and below might be able to handle the GTX 750, but not 1080p. Same for the GT 1030. So long as the GPU has at least 2GB RAM dedicated and over 1000Mhz clocks, it should run decent on 720p and below.

I personally play on 720p since I don't really care too much on highest graphical quality and just use a GTX 750 TI from Gigabyte that has 2GB of dedicated GDDR5 RAM, and a core clock speed over 1050Mhz and memory speed at 2700Mhz. With this the current PSO2 runs flawlessly at over 150FPS max, though I have the framerate locked at 60FPS using PSO2 Tweaker. This GPU was also only around $110 USD about 3-4 years ago on Newegg.