Soo... when do we all think NGS will hit?

June 22nd sounds pretty likely, yeah.

Before the 22nd it's too stacked with other releases and events, FF7 Intergrade on June 10th, Guilty Gear Strive on the 11th, E3 between the 12th and 15th. If NGS releases on the 9th or 16th, it would be right next to all of these.

Though, I guess the 16th could still be possible, if they have a final pre-release trailer during the XBox presentation.

@Ezodagrom that sounds reasonable.

though i wonder if they're gonna be extra corny with the release somehow

well today i'm picking up a external hard drive for y laptop so i can play the beta on the 14t, i think a 1tb should do the trick

@Vdra-the-seraphic btw from what I read on the new NGS site it says that you will need base pso2 installed and when the CBT hits the download will be both if base pso2 is not already installed, I use Tweaker on pc and when I checked my MS store it says PSO2 was not installed probably cuz Tweaker lets me use the steam version as all 3 (ms,steam,epic), so I went ahead and installed the Base game again on a external just in case


I’m only bringing this up for those that got deleted the MS store version

@SaviorZero82 wow, i didn't actully know this, thx for saving me the trouble of finding out man, i appreciate it

@Vdra-the-seraphic np now let’s hope the ms store version of NGS work right away 🤞🏻🤞🏻


info taken from

june 9th sounds possible

June 8th/9th because everything is pointing to those dates. We'll know next week.

more evidence for the June 8th/June 9th date is the newest scratch Oracle Renew collection 5 is set to end on June 8th at 11:00 AM JST which lines up perfectly but we can't be completely sure till an official announcement is made.

May 24th UPDATE: Prologue 4 stream is tomorrow (May 25th) and there is lots of things pointing to that leaked release date as mentioned Oracle renewed collection 5 is leaving JP on June 8th and the FUN Scratches end on June 6th which is interesting enough which would leave Versus Annihilation being the only scratch not being permanent at that point I feel since I think they are gonna drop the FUN scratches on that week is my guess alongside the permanent SG scratch which will have some items from Versus Annihilation in it if they follow the JP way as they have been lately for Global. My prediction is every 25 rolls will get you a choice ticket which will allow you to choose anything from said scratch.

UPDATE June 1: PSO2 NGS is releasing June 9 and will have an earlier and longer maintenance period than usual.

June 1st UPDATE: SEGA JP has released the video of gameplay from Vanford Laboratory Ruins as promised at the Prologue 4 stream. Link: (It is in Japanese so don't expect to hear English in this version) I will update this post with an edit once the Global version of this gameplay comes out (If it does come out)

Edit UPDATE: PSO2 Global Twitter has linked to the Japanese link I shared so this most likely means no voice over for the new gameplay.


Even if the official posting is late, we'll get at least a week's notice, since PSO2 will have an additional log-in bonus leading up to the official NGS release; see last announcement:

Oh hey, my guesstimate from 2 months ago (April 9, 2021) in this thread came true:

@Misuran said in Soo... when do we all think NGS will hit?:

I'm guessing June 8th/9th (timezone) for full release.

For Global Beta, if it's a closed beta I'm guessing late April or early May, if open beta, I'm guessing late May.

Note: These are all just my personal guesstimates and is unlikely to come true.