UHUQ - THE FACE OF THE ABYSS - Success and Survival Tips


As a Lvl. 87 Luster I've had mixed but I think majorative success in not incapacitating too much on the Ultra Hard Urgent Quest - The Face of the Abyss. Sometimes 6-8. Mostly 3+/-. Which I assume or am hoping this would be considered decent/acceptable 12-Man MPA (Multi-Player Area) performance contribution. By far 80-90% of the times I've, and seemingly most everyone else, died "en masse" is during the "Second Phase" I guess you would call it. Where you fight the hole for a face stick thing with the mini-universes like where Dark Falls Gemini's big ball things would be. Regarding what to do and not to do. Or rather important when/where to be and attack is where I'm hoping to learn some additional tips and strategy.

So far I think for the first and third (last) phases attack the sides of the eyes. Not directly on. Seems to help survivability. Hide behind, everyone else, the stalagmite/glacial like things when the ground gets "windy looking" in the second most deadly phase. I think I'm starting to get a feel for when what hand/arm is gonna come down in the third phase.

Curious what if any other pearls o the wisdom there might be to further enhance my contribution to the battle.

Thank you.

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the only thing i hate in that UQ is in the 1st phase where he smash the 3 platforms at once, if i dont pay attention to the map its the only thing that kills me

@Rollhuh Hehe, yeah.. ..I've had a few times where I goofed my movements and controller handling. Such that I'm like. "Welp." ;0 ;~)

How or what do you attack at on the second phase part. For the most part I've focused on pounding the very center of the body where it looks like everyone else is doing the same. Some times its great. Other times several more incapacitations vs several less other times.

But I'm wondering if it is better, if not safer, to attack the universe balls. I'm actually not even sure if they are specifically targetable. Only been something I've thought about trying next.

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@KnightHarb1nger on the 2nd phase the only thing i avoid is the freeze attack it can drop me if i take full duration its tricky and fast he suddenly teleport somewhere out of sight and you need to be on pillars fast and figure out the correct safe spot or you will end up dead or trigger will, the same here i only focus its core havent tried attaking what hes summons.

max I die in the fight are 2 times but is mostly that I missed a evade or didn't pay attention to a attack so if you want some tips here are some:

in the first phase after the 4 eyes had being taken down look at his head, you can see what he will do if you do that

in the second phase when the giant tornado appears, you can use that to prevent being hit, most attacks are in ground area so the tornado does help in several situations

in the final phase the nods in his hand when broken do raise the damage he will take when Hariette attacks.

If you want to focus on survivability, use Novel Units or similar Rainbow units that give you lots of HP and Def

And/or a defensive class or subclass like Etoile

And/or Hero class, because of Hero Will (guaranteed surivival with 1 HP) and Hero Refresh (immediately full HP, PP and refresh of Hero Will, while boostng attack and defense for a limited time) and Hero Dodge (a bit longer invincibility dodge than Luster)

In the first part of the first phase when he uses the white goo, take a look where the arm is resting and move towards it

In the second phase when there is the tornado in the middle and ground turns dark, get into it to jump up high before the attack hits you. Or if you are a Hero, you can also use Talis Action with manual aim to jump high and use Edgeracer Gambit to switch to your sword. Then weapon action (charged/uncharged) for PP gain/attack and Trickflash for moving around in midair. This works for all phases well except for the ice one in which case you take a look from where the wind blows and take cover behind the ice blocks

As for the last part, invincible dodges save lives, especially in the very last part if there is not enough damage. It has a telling sign, like the clapping of the wings

Someone boosting max HP and/or having leveled all classes to at least 75, particularly: Summoner class, also helps with surival. Oh and you can also use the small invincibility frames when using Dark Blast or that animal summoning skill from your Mag and there is also the invincibility Mag device