Please merge ship 3 with any other ship

@Miraglyth The likeliness of a server merge is really low. But in my experience in ArcheAge, something that had a lot more that couldn't be transfered (actual open world housing) between servers they'd just remove all the land and redo the land rush on the post-merge server. Nothing on PSO2 is that necessary to just delete. For alliances they can just force a menu option when we first log in post-merge to select which of the two alliances we stay in, for music discs just take the union of the lists of music you have on each ship, for storage merging just create a temporary overflow system storage that all the shared storages are put into that only lets you extract from it.

There's simple solutions for all these things and it wouldn't be a big deal if Sega did a merge, but again there is no reason for a merge.

@Laep said in Please merge ship 3 with any other ship:

select which of the two alliances we stay in

Or alternatively, which of the two alliances we do not. The word for this is destructive. (As an aside, you cannot Ship Transfer your last character off a ship if you are the leader of an alliance, so this kind of process might not quite be simple. That's neither here nor there.)

On the whole I don't disagree with you - and this was the outcome of when it was discussed several pages earlier, too - but my responses to Zeke were specifically because he described "a transfer that allows everything to go other to the next". I was making the point - as you just have - that this is impossible (and that this was discussed as such before) and the best outcome available from any kind of merge route is a non-prioritising combine that minimises and manages the definite loss.

(We as players also cannot ignore the risk that they might either miss or ignore a minimising activity; "for music discs just take the union" is great, but without criticising we have to acknowledge that Sega have missed a lot of "just" items and activities over the year that would have been sensible and straightforward yet nevertheless completely failed to actually happen. I'd rather not be left in the position of again being told I'm a minority that gets adversely affected so why does it matter, you know?)

But whether it's a well-managed merge or a Universal Ship / Connected Realm style removal of the need for a merge (especially in New Genesis), you're right that can work. Please note that the feedback I just gave in response to GM Deynger simply asked for it not to be a bad merge by forcibly transferring everyone from one ship to another and arbitrarily destroying their ship data without any of the mitigations you just described.

And yes, once again, I agree with you that none of this is necessary yet.

Yep, at the moment any attempt to merge ships would be a mistake, due to NGS being an incoming source of new players.

In my opinion, the measures that should be taken in the near future should be measures that encourage new players to come into the least populated ships (ship 3 and 4, especially 4).

PSO2 JP re-ordered the in-game list of ships so the least populated ships were listed first, which was effective when done together with a major update. Since the most populated ships would get congested, some new players would just pick ships that were listed at the top.

A perfect time for such a measure would be either a possible NGS open beta (assuming that such an open beta would carry into the release), or the NGS launch.

Other than this, FFXIV has 3 months of double exp (up to a certain level) on the least populated worlds for new players, something like this could also help the population in the least populated ships if there's still any ship without a healthy population after NGS releases.

Must confess I'd totally forgotten to mention the possibility of using a hopefully well-advertised New Genesis release to enact measures to funnel players in such a way as to encourage balance. This is a great idea and a rare opportunity.

I think NGS players will be forced to use a less desirable ship because the other ones will be full so we might be fine if we wait it out but I don’t think a merge would be impossible if it has to come to that. Make it so you can have more than one alliance but you have to choose one as your main(another game did this, can’t remember but I think it was gw2?), make alliances as code names like our account name/character names setup but let them name it whatever they want so fighting over alliance name isn’t an issue. Make music discs bound to your account like they should have been in the first place.