Alts as allies

Make all of one's own other characters as well as their auxiliaries on the same ship available as allies from the ally computer, under the same tab that auxiliaries currently are. Imo would just be cool to be able to use them all in a party if desired.

Had this been an option from the start I wouldn't of ended up with a couple accounts, but technically if you Register your Friend Avatar for other player use, your alts can use them from the ally computer for same ship you won't earn FUN, but its there. I unfortunately can't speak for different ships though.

I wouldn't be opposed to the suggestion. Though realize this would only be for base PSO2 as NGS doesn't use Friend Partners or Auxiliaries (with current information).

I absolutely agree here, I always wanted to use more than one of my characters but I'm restricted to just one (or zero if it's the character I used for the registration). Making the friend partner registration character instead of account based would solve this issue.

This would be a fun feature, but since we don't have it, I made an alt of my aux and her aux is a copy of my main (kind of a fun way to use duplicate items and saved character data)

Yeah that would be cool. I want to take screenshots with all my characters x)