I can't create a ticket, the site keeps logging me out after I submit my email. I am missing purchased items from October. I've had computer issues

Hello! I bought the 2B and A2 collaboration packs back in October. I was waiting to start a second character on a different server with friends to claim the A2 pack under item claims. After some moving, internet issues, and whatnot, but I signed on today to collect it on my main character and ... There was nothing there. The A2 pack is no longer in my inbox to claim. I have all necessary Steam receipts to prove I made the purchase. I would like the items to be redelivered to my inbox for claiming.

I have tried TWO different browsers, attempting to create a ticket, only to end up in a loop of "sign in with steam" and then selecting the support option to be sent back into the sign in screen, in a loop. I am beyond frustrated.

October? Yeah, that stuff is long gone. Sorry.