CM Cheaters, unbanned, making a mess again.

image0-21.png nice alt

I'm a alt xbox login

@Rylica Get off the xbox and come carry me in pvp pls

@lastzephyr said in CM Cheaters, unbanned, making a mess again.:

@Rylica Get off the xbox and come carry me in pvp pls

Yes steam gamer it is

@AuraLens Nah not an alt just no real reason to use forums just wondering why the OP would delete his account

@Catt probably deleted it because they got scared and embarrased of being wrong 🙂

@ZENCHI Welcome back

Guess we have our answer on the co-conspirator GM's.

@ZENCHI oh look, an account made 7 minutes ago. obviously one of those exploiters /cheaters

The exploit was fixed and absolutely nothing happened to those who used it to get 800sg.


Moral of the story? There are no repercussions if you look for malicious ways to get an advantage. Things might get fixed but nothing will happen to you. So keep looking, keep ruining the game until nobody but you is left on the leaderboard because the rest of the community has long since run away from the trash fire sega calls a competition. This is how you win.

I wasn't banned.

better grab some popcorn because this is getting spicy.

also I can see why the account can be banned public shaming is against the foruns guidelines and no I'm not defending anyone I'm just pointing out what is written in the guidelines.

Don't think OP is banned, think GM would lock/delete thread before that.

While I don't condone exploits or hacking, it is something I learned to put up with - as it is literally in about every game I play. Whether it is PSO2, FFXIV, BnS, TERA, AION, even FFXI (lawlz) - going to see hacks and people abusing exploits.