Rivalate vs Lightweave Klaus

Which is actually better? Rivalate looks like it has a much better potential.

Without any affixes at all, Rivalate Redux and Klaus (Fated Incarnation) are pretty much equal in terms of power, taking both PWR difference and Potential difference into account.; activating Lightring Guardian will push Klaus a higher than Rivalate Redux under the same conditions.

Once you take the S1, S2, and S3 slots into account, Klaus will then easily outclass Rivalate Redux in power if you focus on damage boosting S-Grades, with even the most basic 2%/2%/2% setup pushing Klaus beyond what a 3-slot PWR augment increase could get you on the Rivalate (you would basically need to get 200 PWR in 3 slots to almost match it).

Really? nice. whats the best damage set up for the slots?

@Ki-Rin Usually its s1: Augment will, s2 & s3 precision will 2, Luster may use the Petalgleam combo instead. As for s4 & s5, that varies a lot depending on your class and weapons

klauz over power rivalate in many terms..if you consider the base atk of klauz you can see the different (basic atk no augment or same augment) and using the s ability and looking the potential of klauz..for luster use the rainbow combo same goes for PH.s4 and s5..s4 lifesteal s5 augment bloom or s4 escalating pursuit s5 mysterious purpose...don'tworry about the totatl augment atk if it doesn't reach 200 just focus on the s ability..some people have less than 150 atk on augment and yet they can go solo un DQ..just the right combination of s ability.