Problem accessing support with the Player support button after signing in with Steam login

Tried signing in with steam login and then clicking on player support button to get help with missing in-game purchases but it redirects me to

and then it signs me out.. so I can't get any help and I don't know what the email is to contact PSO2 support about my issue.


  1. Log out completely from the PSO2 website.
  2. Select "Support"
  3. Select "Contact us now"
  4. Select Steam

@FANtasyStarOnline im having the same issue and those steps dont work. is there another way to get support? ive even tried turning off all security settings on browser. following your steps results in the same issue in a loop.

I am having the same issue for days now. I need to get my 2nd password reset. I have tried multiple browsers and different logins and it just goes in a loop. Please help !!!!

I just went back and followed the instructions above and all it does is go in a loop back to having you sign in again over and over. I never see a contact us now link !!!

same as you, can't login and contact game support at all...

i guess this game doesn't have support... if it does there should be at least an email to directly contact them but that doesn't exist either

I'm having the same issue! I can't submit a ticket or get in touch with anyone.

For password resets, if you linked your Steam account to your Microsoft account, you can submit a ticket under your Microsoft log in.

As for everything else, try the four steps I mentioned in Incognito mode? Each of the steps should open to a new page.

Nope, unfortunately, Incognito mode does not solve the issue. I am consistently kicked out as soon as I log in and click the support ticket button. Always something about missing a valid email or name. I can't fix that. I don't think I've linked my Steam account to a Microsoft login though. How would I tell?