Designer Dreams IV "Eye Covering Extension" wrong item

on the scratch page:


buzz to show the item on my char:


Seems like the ear-covering extension (耳隠しエクステ), not an eye-covering one. Dunno which was actually supposed to be in this scratch.

Dios mio, la creatura.

Just wanted to say you made my day! Now I can cover my CAST ears easier and it modifies so well. Yes it’s an error but man what a happy surprise. Hopefully they edit the name.

Well, I guess that's the answer then, since they updated the icon:


Wonder if they'll update the name with the upcoming maint or if it'll just keep the goofy name.

Maybe someone’s freaky character has googly eye accessories on the side of their head and they could cover them with those to be technically correct. Or...they could just change the name. It’s really strange.