[Resolved] Problematic Supplies of Summoner sweets in Global, Part 2.

EDIT: We now have a shop with EVERY SUMMONER SWEET IN THE GAME. Thank you so much to the devs!

Follow-up to my previous post to talk about the situation of Summoner in Global right now. I know we're getting close to NGS, but there's still plenty of content to do and people are still working to improve their characters.

First of all let me preface this by mentioning that it's not all bad. Elemental Resistance Gummies and the Casting Spirit + Casting Stamina Cookies are in a much better spot on global than they are on JP. They're farmable at any time due to a permanent CF but still have value due to the speed of farming.

But now lets get into a few things which are a concern. JP names are listed for the things we don't have yet.


Barrier Roll (バリアロール) - We are now at Depth 999 Masquerade being available for players, but we still have no access to Barrier Rolls - something very core for even attempting it on Summoner. The effect is the same as the Exquisite Heartthrob Parfait's additional affect over the base parfait - increases the proc rate of Pet Photon Barrier. Outside of this content, the roll doesn't see use though.

Conversion Roll (へんかんロール) - This was missed entirely in Episode 5 so global never got to experience the MEL Pwr based SuFi Melon set up. That said, they still see use due in cases of people wanting to use Melon in content (which is totally fine and does have its reasons! one of the top Rondo scores has a Melon used for mission 30). Even though you get far more out of being MEL based, it still gives a significant power increase as a TEC based summoner on SuPh. This also sees some use on Rappy sometimes due to Rappy having very high TEC Def.

Fluffy Roll (ふんわりロール) - Unsurprisingly missing as I'm not even sure when this has been revived on JP. This is actually either an upgrade or a sidegrade for Marron roll setups over Crisis Roll for those using Crisis. This roll is also frustratingly rare on JP as well though, so I haven't gotten to experience it myself. Would definitely like these to be available.

Support Roll - Insanely high importance. This is already available, but only from old content and Pietro gift once per character. This is generally used as a early-mid game gearing roll to help get more Critical Chance until you have better gear except in the case of Vulcan which always uses 2 -- so this being hard to get is very detrimental to starting out on the class. Once you have more access to things like S6: Skillful Adept and higher PP to utilize Phantom sub, the crit from the rolls ends up being less important than things like Courageous and Steadfast Rolls even though they represent a slight damage increase. As such, the availability on this should absolutely go up so that the entry point for people is easier.

Sympathy Roll (いたわりロール) - Able to be skipped at this point. We never got it and honestly I don't think it's necessary for anything. Could be used in a pet pp battery setup i suppose...


Exquisite Tactical Parfait - Already in global but was only from Valentine's seasonal. An absolutely gigantic deal. This Parfait was one of summoners biggest upgrades in terms of both offensives and defensives... but it's locked behind a seasonal. I ran every Valentine's I could, but only got 5. There is hope, however, as JP has recently gotten it in a shop alongside content that we'll soon be getting. But we'll have to see if we get the same shop ultimately...

Super Heartthrob Parfait (超どきどきパフェ) - Came from an episode 6 quest on JP which awkwardly has been completely deleted from JP's files. As such, I'm not surprised that we don't have it, but it is an extremely strong parfait option for pets with a low incapitation length such as Vulcan (which can even have this argued over Super Critical Parfait due to maxing at 96% critical chance)

Super Critical Parfait - Insanely important, despite it dropping from current content. I include this extremely high because there is a major difference compared to JP, which is that it is now a Summoner main-class drop only with absolutely no buff in drop rate. 1 week into The Face of the Abyss and there are barely any on the ship 1 market -- I have gotten 1 after 40 runs. As this is an extremely good parfait for just about any summoner now, its not surprising to see so few on the market when its Summoner main class only - every Summoner would rather keep it. I've actually made a post in Bug Reports about this now. Technically this could be solved by the community but this requires you to have Summoner decently set up to run unless you want to be a gigantic detriment to the MPA...

Energy Parfait (はりきりパフェ) -- We now have a Super version of this parfait but the original is still completely missing. This boosts pet normal attack damage. it is a bit off meta and not used as much but is surprisingly not the worst set up in the world on something like Rappy. It's not something I really recommend personally though.

Super Comeback Parfait -- Strong Maron throwing parfait, but it was obscenely rare on JP as well, and often you'd rather have consistency on maron rather than just the throw damage. Dropped in TDVR unless it was removed for some reason (I never had one drop there...)

This is just going into the candies right now, really. There's a couple others that we don't have yet but they are from content we don't have, so it makes sense (Exquisite Luxurious, for example).

Hello friend, I'd like to add a bit to your Parfaits, you mentioned "JP has recently gotten Exquisite Tactical Parfait in a shop" were you referring to the Weapons Badge 2021 Exchange? if so, the Exquisite Luxurious has also appeared in there.

Also it seems the Super Comeback Parfait (超ぎゃくてんパフェ) & Super Critical Parfait (超ひっさつパフェ) made a return in Mop-up Operations in JP, so there is a chance for its revival when Global gets the quest.

Additional here's the JP names Support Roll (おうえんロール) | Exquisite Tactical Parfait (絶品かけひきパフェ) | Exquisite Luxurious Parfait (絶品ぜいたくパフェ)

@Church10129 ah thank you for this. yes, weapons badge 2021 exchange, I specifically went back to JP to buy some in case I felt like playing JP (particularly because I can't buy PSO2 Donuts on Global for pushing content like Rondo, which is really annoying). As far as I know, every single Exquisite parfait is in there.

Checking the Mop-Op Operations quest it looks like you're right. I didn't run it enough or get enough data before making this post on that quest. All I saw is that someone got 3 Steel Harmonizers from it, which was ridiculously awkward but funny. That also solves my other post talking about how Steel weapons should be more accessible for alt weapons, though that was going to happen whenever Linzer/Fluxio/whatever would come to Global anyways kinda. (and sure enough anyone that made Steel is probably struggling on Grania to make 3 Klauz weapons now...)

The only reasons I didn't include the JP names was that they're already in Global except for Exquisite Luxurious, which makes sense for us not to have. Rolls in particular I felt needed them since we're still missing rolls we should have by now. I'll include them in a bit though.

This post is deleted!

@Theuberclips I'm just glad the information I've given helped, the link for Weapons Badge 2021 above, is something I personally put together to be 1 to 1 with game 🕵 , aside from the categories obviously.

Also just to clarify you're saying Rondo has the Exquisites (or so you believe)?

@Church10129 Exquisite Luxurious is from the next Solo Ultimate Quest, as far as I know.

There are some sweets Rondo has that I didn't know about until I started running it (currently at 29m, need to try again now that we have Klauz weapon but Lucent Domain S6 refuses to drop), which was odd, but all of them are easily received elsewhere like the badge shop currently.

Well, looks like sweets are no longer an issue.

Every single sweet in the game is now available for purchase. Holy crap. THANK YOU SO MUCH