Misleading Advertisment on [Eye Covering Extension]? Or is it a mistake/bug.

The [Eye Covering Extension] Accesory that came out with this recent AC Scratch was one of my only reasons to roll on it.

For some reason, There are TWO (2) Tufts of hair covering BOTH eyes. I'm sure it was meant to only cover one eye like with how the Youtube Video of the AC Scratch of the Designer Dreams 4 presented. Designer Dreams 4 Scratch YT Vid

In-game Accessory: https://imgur.com/a/lDUXVeN

Is it a mistake? or is it meant to be like that and I'm just missing an Accessory Editing option all my time playing PSO2? I highly doubt the latter.

I noticed that too, I think it's actually an ear covering extension based off the looks. They must of made a mistake when putting the AC ticket together, wouldn't be the first time.

I made a topic about this in General a few days ago too:


But since they've updated the icon on the page to match "ear covering extensions" since then, I assume it's meant to be that, not eye-covering. So the initial icon on the page + YT vid would've been wrong. It looks like the vid you linked is private now, and the current vid at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4cRbPk5ZVw also shows it as the ear covering extensions (but still named "eye-covering").

Dunno if they'll do any reimbursement like they did for people who bought Gymnastics or w/e that emote was a few months back.