Support Rolls /non Exist

i know sombody aleady post abot Support Rolls/and nothing change, and u can get 1 from Pietro bla bla/trigger and all the jazz (1 pet already need 2 support rolls) u know what i mean if u play SUmmoner really low dropp change. There only 3 People sell this item and the cheapest ist 14 mil (chip1) u can see this item its almost son exists ! pls pls give some love to us Summoner PLayer!

@HalloPotter said in Support Rolls /non Exist:

i know sombody aleady post abot Support Rolls

Massive understatement. Tons of us have posted and asked about Support Roll specifically on several channels dating back to before Episode 5 released. They're a staple sweet and it's astonishingly obvious they were always meant to be way more accessible than this.