Cannot access the support page

My account cannot access support page, it keep log me out and redirected me back to sign in page, it only happen on this account when my other account work fine

The returned message is: "User is invalid: External PLIlIb31LVw6l/H4rDTGQnzC7Hd+y6xnjBBB6xb87y0f************ has already been taken"

Try submitting a ticket in this exact order:

  1. Log off completely from the PSO2 website.
  2. Select "Support"
  3. Select "Contact us now"
  4. Select Steam

I tried your method on both Xbox live & Steam, but it didn't work. I bought make a purchase on MS Store 3 days ago but it didn't received it, tried to send a support ticket using different account but they refuse it and told me I must use the account that made the purchase which is this account. The problem is I cannot access support page from this account, other account work fine though.

If your accounts are linked, should be alright to send a ticket with either account.