Will we ever get Stargem Scratch exchange badges like JP?

In JP you can exchange stargem items to get a badge which with enough of you can get a SG scratch ticket. It's very useful to help offset the bad RNG. Will we ever get this? I have a lot of useless junk.

We get the ticket automatically after 40 scratches instead of this, so it's kind of the same in practice. Only difference is you can't use old stuff to get new tickets.

Global does have SG Recycle Badges, and the SG Swap Shop at the Swap Shop counter in the Shopping Plaza has much the same items, but it is missing the selection of prizes from active SG Scratch sets that cost 40 badges each.

Since the topic's question omits it, it's definitely worth noting JP doesn't get a free choice ticket for every 40th scratch in each set. That was a provision added to Global in its place. There are benefits and drawbacks to each setup:

  • On Global you don't need to sacrifice 40 items to get a choice ticket. So if you pull 10 items you want in the first 40 attempts, you don't then need to either sacrifice those too or keep scratching until you get the 40th item you don't want. You just get the choice ticket handed to you. This also means you can scratch enough for a choice ticket AND use the junk you don't want on some of the other SG Swap items, whereas JP always has to choose between choice tickets OR other items.

  • On JP you could scratch 20 times in two different sets and combine the accumulated SG Recycle Badges into one choice ticket either for the latter set (since they had 4½ years without overlap, the first set would have concluded) or to keep the badges safe and do that for a future set, which is a little more freedom and efficiency than Global where if a set concludes without you having scratched an exact multiple of 40, the excess can never contribute to a choice ticket and even if you do scratch to a multiple of 40 it can only give a choice ticket for that set.

Overall the two somewhat balance out. I think it might be nice if Global got the ability to trade 40 badges for a choice ticket as well but thanks to the free ticket every 40th scratch it would be asking for our SG Scratches to become a direct upgrade over JP's overall and it's probably worth acknowledging that.

Considering they've never had to worry about Fresh Finds (almost everything we've had in Fresh Finds was only AC scratch on JP which is far cheaper to begin with and can also be traded), that may be justifiable.

I have a lot of useless SG junk which makes me feel like i wasted my money they shoulda just done this from the start.

@XBOX552 said in Will we ever get Stargem Scratch exchange badges like JP?:

I have a lot of useless SG junk

At the very least you can Recycle Badge them now and get that storage space back, and they'll stop reminding you of that.