A handful of issues concerning character appearance save data.

Heyo, sorry if this isn't in the right place, but I've been troubleshooting for 2 hours and am coming up with no answer.

I play/played on the JP servers and figured I'd start over on Steam with some friends. I'm rather attached to how my character looks, so naturally, I wanted to keep that look. As I understand it, we can simply copy some files in our documents and literally drop them in and be good to go. So, I went to copy her data. However, it's simply not there in my Sega folder? I had a few other presets in my JP files, and only two of them actually showed up on my NA character creator when I carried them all over, but the character in question didn't even have any files with her name attached to them.

After using old screenshots to manually put values to where I thought they were, and failing pretty spectacularly, I decided I would just log back in to my JP account and go save the data again myself. I figured I never saved her data after making her, no biggy.

I head into the salon and... Both options to create save data and to load saved data are greyed out.

I thought maybe some of the cosmetics I've put on her over the course of playing the game were the issues, (eyelashes, layers, body paints, etc) since some of them came out of lotto scratches and maybe you can't save those to a preset. After changing seemingly everything back to base, the options were still greyed out. Is it possible I missed something?

I'm kinda stumped. Can I do anything other than just making her from scratch all over again?

Is there another place to save data that I'm just not aware of?

Saving and loading character data is termp disabled on JP because of the Graphics Update

@Vashzaron Ahh. Damn. Nice timing eh?

Thank you.