What is the current highest rating for weapons and is there any site with a whole listing of them all?

As the title says, I'm trying to decide how I should be building my ranger and at the moment I've gotten a bunch of special weapons and such and managed to get a 9* rating spear, is 9 the current cap? As someone playing daily and often I would love to know if anyone can give me some Insight please? Preferable mag build too for a ranger?

@Memoria not sure if they implemented any gear past episode 3 (doubtful), so highest should be 13*. I believe episode 4 was when they introduced 14* gears and units/armor go up to 12* after that.

As for Mag for Ranger, i'd say pure R-ATK. Wouldnt really recommend a pure DEX mag even though it wouldnt be much different on a Ranger but it becomes kinda obsolete later.

Pure DEX Mag is pretty much only useful if you want to do anything that focuses on scion classes, Summoner, or has T-ATK + anything not T-ATK. As DEX raises all Attack/defense stats, and is used for certain unit types.

@Memoria for a RA mag I would recommend going pure R ATK, but if you do that you will need a second MAG if you plan on playing any melee classes.

13* weapons are the current highest. For weapon progression you should get to level 40 and run Advamced Quests. After you get 50 Photon boosters (you will get 50 very fast) you go to the Photon shop trader. They are located on the second floor of the Shop Area, the leftmost person at the counter. You can trade 50 boosters for a decent 11 star rifle.

If you can find a good group to run SH Advanced Quests after level 55, you will start amassing Unique Weapon Badges really fast. Also playing all Urgent Quests on Super Hard. Once you have 400, you can trade in your Unique Badges for a decent 13 star weapon if you haven't gotten a very lucky drop by then.

I used the Rising Badges from the Mission Pass to get the 12 star Nox Launcher and will be using my Unique Badges for a rifle.