Phantasy Star Online 2 as a "virtual world"

What do you think of Phantasy Star Online 2 as a "virtual world"? By virtual world I mean a persistent universe as in several MMOs, and programs such as Second Life and IMVU?

I think it's a decent virtual world, with a lot of avenues for character customization and socialization. I do think the world could be expanded on and given more locations to explore, though. Some other MMOs have gigantic worlds to explore. Same thing with Second Life and IMVU (although the latter consists of disconnected worlds.)

We've easily have a decade or more until such things are possible. VR is atill young.

I think SEGA is on the right track! Next step is probably a bridge application for the MMOs to BlockChain Networks, and then better haptics/scanners/etc.... BOOM, lol. Probably, 2 more decades q_q.

Strange, I seem to recall a device called the Virtual Drive which was supposed to be releasing pretty soon based on PSO2 On Stage timelines

(Yeah I know it's not cannon)

Steam already has a rather robust library, support & hardware for VR, so how hard could it be?

I'd love to see PSO2:NGS have VR support via Steam, it would finally be "anime prophecy" come to pass. XDDD

@Trigunman VR development is quite expensive to do also requires exclusive engines to develop so is more that the cost is worth it or not to do and if it will have enough players for it.

@Jamesmor Ahhh, well obviously... But anything is possible with enough time and money thrown at it... looks HARD at Sega

So if I was Sega and I was going through the trouble of re-doing the entire graphics engine for my headlining MMORPG game, why not add some VR support? Long term outlook here... 🤔 I think it goes back to the old saying, "If you build it, they will come."

Sega, if there is anyone out there in the market in MMORPGs... I think they could truly push this as a new standard.

It's coming sooner or later, why not be the first? Investment vs. rewards, it's a fine line to straddle I'm sure. We'll see what Sega does, regardless.