SG Cosmetic Items on NGS Face/Body Type

Could there be some consideration to maybe at least make the cosmetics/items that players have gotten from sg scratches such as the various makeup/outfits/etc from the recent Versus Annihilation & etc to work on NGS Face/Body Type?

Iirc it was already stated officially that PSO2 makeup/outfits and all that will not be compatible/usable with NGS Face/Body type prob due to the sheer amount of manpower/work that would be needed to get all those outfits/wears/makeup/etc to be converted. I totally understand that and don't mind this.

However, please reconsider at least perhaps doing this for the SG items that players have gotten over the past scratches and make them compatible with NGS Face/Body Type. Players typically had to slowly either accumulate SG over time from the free giveaways from events/campaigns or or earn them from rankings to save up to scratch SG tickets. So, it would just be nice if at least the SG cosmetics (outfits/makeup/etc) would be able to function on NGS Face/Body Type.

If it isn't possible, then welp at least it was the thought that counts xD

But then they couldn't sell them to you again later, with at best slight differences.

@Yggranya said in SG Cosmetic Items on NGS Face/Body Type:

But then they couldn't sell them to you again later, with at best slight differences.

I recommended a while back that a way to mitigate this was with a flag type system that checks if you have the original variant of an item that has an NGS type. But I also said that it likely wouldn't happen for the same reason you just specified. They want to re-sell the item. Not sure how things are in Japan in that regard, but outside of Japan, you will be hard pressed to find someone who will want to buy the same item twice, especially when you knowingly sold the person an inferior version the first go around. Even less so now that most people are worried about where their money will be coming from.

Re-sell you the item? Yeah, sure, I guess... I don't see them changing their mind on this one, sadly.

But I would really prefer if we didn't have to go through untradeable RNG hell a second time for what amounts to the same item. Like.... IDK, put the pick-anything ticket for the inevitable NGS-remakes/re-runs into the recycle shop, so those of us who scratched the originals a TON could just grab our favorite updated pieces with all these recycle badges we've accumulated over the past year.