[Ship 1] Gunman for hire.

Greetings prospective alliances, Trigunman here, you can call me Vash though. I'm a red suited RAmar w/ blonde hair/beard running around on Urgent Quests blowing up everything in sight usually, hehe. ^_^

So far, I have not heard back for over a week now from my former team mates from my old PSO1 server that are supposed to be here on Ship1 and have considered them either disbanded or inactive sadly. I have gotten a few alliance requests here recently, but I'd like to "shop" a bit before I jump headlong into some group of people I've never met in my life ya know, LOL! Therefore, I'm currently in the hunt for a active, yet laid-back, friendly and fun group of people to run with, ultimately for some serious high-level runs where safety in numbers is a high priority. I can solo alot of stuff myself already, but I'd like to start giving some real high level stuff a try and I don't think I'm THAT good yet to solo it obviously. XD The added party "bots" from NPCs are kewl (RISA is BEST GURL) but unfortunately they're not very... intelligent. sigh

So with all that said, I'm in CST time zone, currently a level 77 Ranger/Gunner and probably going to start on my Phantom class pretty soon, currently running Zara 12 star units and 13-14 star weapons, along with one support weapon for S/D. (RAmar 4 LYFE!) I'm on around typically about 6-7pm to 10pm after work during the week, weekends are bit spotty due to various things I have to tend to around the house and with family/friends.

So give me a holla folks if you want some good fire support/basic support assistance. Hopefully I can help you guys with my FPS skills that seems to translate well here. XD Give me a buzz, thanks for your time reading my spiel! Good hunting, good journey and see you on Ship Feoh!


Hi, Mr. Gunman, I want to invite you 😄 Feel free to check out relevant info. in my team link below. Once NGS comes out, it's going to be booming, and I have some plans going forward! Ship 1 alliance name is: Meiyokishi . But every now and then we change the alliance name to feel fresh again lol

Thanks all to who responded, for your invites and for your time!

I have finally decided to join a closed team of whom I will not disclose at this time as I am still in the "trial period".

Thank you all and mods feel free to lock this up!