Stuck in loading screen

Hey guys. I am using a tweaker and when I log in it just gets stuck on the loading screen before choosing the ship. Did the troubleshoot of loading the files. Can anybody help?

MS Store version, Steam Version or Epic Version? Also, have you played on PC before and if so, how long ago?

MS store version and played on PC since it pretty much game out last year

Did you change anything recently? Iirc a similar issue could be seen when your game wasn't properly linked to your MS Store account, with a shell script you had to run to let the tweaker link to the store's api (but that might've just been to launch the game itself).

If you open the MS Store, are you currently logged in to your windows account? Or if you open the xbox app on your PC, are you logged in there? I think not being logged in to either of those can also affect the login on the MS Store version.

Do you use Tweaker, or just the MS Store version standalone. It seems like you might use Tweaker. If so, do you have the latest version The normal cause of this issue is corrupt files, which is most easily found by overiding the game's version with Tweaker, running the powershell script again, and checking for updates with the new method using weaker.

Use steam and tweaker.

@ZENCHI said in Stuck in loading screen:

Use steam and tweaker.

They can't reach the ship select screen which is required to get a link code to transfer to another platform on PC.