I been playing this game since it released in closed beta test for global on the Xbox one and with some trigs that were given to us for free such as tower defense 3: despair that I have never been able to use because literally no one wanted to run it.

In chapter 5 or so we got the ability to purchase triggers with Rising Weapon Badges and thought why can’t we trade them back for RWB if we don’t want the trigger or plans don’t go according to plan with your group.

Could we get an option to trade the trigs at the swap shop for rising badges or the RWB counter like how you gave the option for elder when boomer blasting was a thing (was an option for elder a while back but gone now in the swap shop) for trigs that are obsolete or so unpopular no one wants to run them?

Or just let us trade all the trigs for badges of there chapter relevance if we just don’t want them since most we can’t sell or get a group together for most of the older content triggers such as the crimson dragon as an example.