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I guess I'll dredge this topic up since (recent) symbol art discussion's hard to find: For the editor linked in this thread, is there any way to properly "skew" items?

I know that you have complete per-vertex control in it, which is theoretically superior to skew, but I made a symbol art making use of that and imported it into pso2, and it looks like complete trash. The actual PSO2 editor displays the art correctly, but the symbol art itself + in the art list shows a bad version. For a quick extreme example, this is a white box which I bent into an arrow shape + imported into PSO2. I thought the issue might just be concave shapes, but the purple semicircle shown here also gets broken even though the deformation is convex, I assume that the actual game outside of the editor only accepts pure skewed shapes or something.

alt text

Are there any guidelines to follow when deforming shapes in the editor to make sure the shapes stay as-expected?

Honestly, all the best PSO2 artists on JP that I've seen use the in-game editor. Make micro adjustments with a gamepad or using the arrow keys on the keyboard.