Face of the Abyss wrong loot?

https://pso2.arks-visiphone.com/wiki/Primordial_Glare_from_the_Void do we have a wrong loottable? All i have seen in my over 30 runs are Gix and Ray weapons... no Puras or camo... just the loot from H till XH but UH nope : /

Do check out the drop lists in game next time the UQ arrives, you can check it by selecting the quest > quest details > item details, there ought to be some people who got puras and camos, you did not get them does not mean they are not part of loot table

That's JP loot table, and from experience - it is normal to only see Gix and union/ray weapons. Get some Nike and Ceres-Zara mixed in sometimes. Puras is pretty rare, only gotten may 4 over many months - and only 3 Klauz(Cras) units. Have not seen any Darkweave Agile(Ayer) drop from the UQ yet, but I have from the solo Sodam Ultimate quest.

You are mostly just farming for Origin Glare from this UQ.