GMs getting chummy known cheat/glitch abusers?

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I've got no horse in this race, but I'm personally bit more concerned by all the pearl clutching, fearmongering, and baseless slander.

@ThirdChild-ZKI How is it baseless, when there's an entire thread where this guy and his friends expose themselves as exploiters?

I read it, and I want the time back that it took to read it.

The CM stuff I can't comment on for lack of knowing, lack of interest, and lack of follow through. The PvP stuff however, I can speak with confidence that much of the accusations thrown around there are quite false. There's other falsehoods that are/have been rather easily pointed out, but I have no intention of getting dragged into this quagmire of a topic which is really just targeted bitterness and attempts at reprisal. Let's not shy away from calling it what it is.

@ThirdChild-ZKI If you're not going to expand on it, then forgive me for not really taking your opinion into account, buddy. You're come in, state that everything that's been said is a lie, but refuse to go into detail as to why, because it's just oh-so-tiresome, it's a little disingenuous.

There's really nothing more to expand on, which really calls the validity of this thread itself into question. That aside, the burden of proof lies more with the ones making these declarations of evidence - and quick sidebar, there ARE a few things that are in fact, completely and utterly wrong - while being equally as vague, all the while crusading against what, one or two people and attempting to take out others who've done little or nothing to justify that in the process?

I am aware there have been things presented for GMs to do their work with, and I would imagine that's exactly happening. . . But then, launching YET ANOTHER thread like this effectively takes away from the legitimate concerns of cheating and speaks more toward a personal vendetta and, as previously stated, targeted bitterness. To use a more simple metaphor, it's not enough to get the employee who perhaps did wrong fired, you want to launch a PR campaign and cast doubt on the company that hired them as well. THAT is disingenuous.

Exactly how is me being concerned that we're going to have a repeat of a recently failed mmo, because some people can't separate their professional life from their personal one? This isn't a matter of personal vendetta, this is a matter of yet again, a f2p mmo bringing on staff that seemingly chooses to give their friends preferential treatment. You keep dodging any sort of specifics, so I really don't know how else to address your posts, other than to tell you that you're really trying hard to bury something that's a genuine concern.

@Herro-everynyan I believe I opened saying I have no horse in this race, so what then would I be trying so hard to bury? And while I fully agree the concern expressed is a very real one, what would I gain in burying said concern? As it stands, I have little reason to share that concern, and yes, I too saw the comment that raised it. If I felt it was of significant concern, I'd have spoken up right then and there. But I didn't.

I did however speak up as I saw an attempt to stir up a hubris and create an unfounded doubt, even if it is rooted in a past, negative experience elsewhere.

And on the subject of doubt, if the words of the person accused of cheating are supposedly so suspect, why then is that one comment so suddenly to be believed and submitted as evidence of a concern that has little validity, nor been raised anywhere else at any time? It's for that reason I look at THIS thread as a disingenuous and extra attempt to headhunt someone, and further sow fear and doubt where it need not be, if only to support the previous aims. You are free and welcome to disagree, but I said all I said to lay it all bare and allow others to perhaps see things not as you perhaps wanted, but for themselves.

It’s just dramatic and frankly embarrassing. I too wasted my time reading the thread and while it sounds like you got your men in CM, the pvp slander was uncalled for and should be removed. You have a player explaining why they win and offering his Twitch and it’s still not enough. As for a player being friends with a mod, are mods not allowed to have friends outside of work? What crime is being committed here? The other GM already said an investigation is underway, you got what you wanted. Leave the community out of this, quit trying to rile everyone up further with additional threads.

Are there cheaters in the pvp and CM rooms? Of course.

Do they take up a majority of the top ranks? Not even close.

You can't have pvp in a game without pvp drama lol.

@LyssaDhrak said in GMs getting chummy known cheat/glitch abusers?:

You can't have pvp in a game without pvp drama lol.

This is the undeniable truth.

Very strange that the gms would delete my image, but not the whole thread.

it probably was deleted because of baseless accusations. obviously would've been more proper to just lock the thread, but who knows.

Smh, can't believe everyone in the top 10 in pvp are cheaters, griefers and win traders.