Black Screen and crash on startup

Hi, I use the steam version. When i try to open the game it shows a black screen, seems to not respond and closes after 2 seconds. I tried to reinstall the game, use the tweaker troubleshooting and also I updated windows and my GPU drivers, is always the same error. Also I tested my files in Phantasy Star Fleet and all seems good, I dont know what causes the crash. I think that maybe is my windows version (Windows 10 LTSC) but I seem people with the same error that has windows Pro. I seriously think in formating my pc, but I have 6MB of internet and redownloading the game takes like 3 days, so finding another solution would help me a lot. I dont know what more can I do, I tried everything: install the game in the ssd and in the hdd, use a ethernet cable or a wifi antenna to connect internet, every graphic configuration, I have even installed the microsoft store and the xbox app on a version of windows that doesn't support them at first. The tweaker log file dont show nothing weird. Any ideas? My npgm.erl: 9c832768-566d-40a6-8973-faa8df4dabf0-imagen.png Thank you in advance.

Build 18362 is a minimum requirement to run the game. I think that is a minimum of a version in the 1900s

@Ragnawind you are true, so the game isnt more compatible with LTSC Enterprise Edition. I formatted to Win10Pro and runs perfect, thanks!