Coming back after a break

So I took a little break for like a month and came back to the game.

I tried to do the lv100 solo Extreme quest with my luster and kind of failed really bad.

Was able to clear it after around 10 tries and I think I'm kind back to shape.

I wonder, what do you guys usually run to remember how to properly use a class after a break and not remembering how to use it? xD

Welcome back!

I just practice in the ship until the basics come back to me and sharpen my skills on an UQ one difficulty under so I can still push out damage. I usually remember how to play within a couple of minutes. I took a two month break last year because I just didn’t have time to play and sometimes still can’t play.

For Luster, though, that’s a harder class. I would just brush up on a guide or a video.

Clearing quests like the solo extreme is the 1st step, for me, the next would be timing the runs, make it faster on each successive run