Female Voice Ticket 59 Should be Usable by any Gender

Long time player, and have also been playing in a Rappy suit since I first got one early in the game. Since then my character has essentially been a Rappy character ever since, and I have fully customized it with tons of accessories and all available suits. When I learned about voice tickets, I though I saw a chance to finally "complete" the character by adding Female Voice Ticket 59 (Rappy Voice). But then I realised my mistake, that Rappy character was a male character. While my understanding of JP content may not be perfect, the Mitarashi voice ticket available in World servers is not equipable on males, so I assume that would be the case for the Rappy voice ticket as well. I would just like to suggest that if voice ticket 59 ever does come to World servers (I would assume translation is not an issue lol), that the voice could be usable on male characters as well. Seeing as there is no distinct male or female Rappy voice, at least from what I have learned in PSO2, it seems a bit odd for that to be restricted to only one of the sexes. A couple of my friends are in a similar boat, and we hope that we did not accidently mess ourselves over with the initial character creation.

Please help this Rappy fan complete their character 🙂

Once the graphics update hits, you will be able to select any of your registered voices regardless of the ticket's original gender or race.

The only issue, of course, is if they will release more Voice Tickets on the Global server.

@AndrlCh I had heard that, I wasnt sure though since voice tickets were a bit different than clothes... I suppose I should be asking for the ticket to be added in the first place lol

Seconding the rappy voice ticket release on Global.