Central Challenge Mode Information (Full Guides)

For those who are likely unaware, Challenge Mode is a special mission type in PSO2 that effectively changes the game into sort of a rougelike game mode where you start at Level 1 (Or a pre-defined loadout) and try to complete the quest starting from scratch. The main rewards are Challenge Miles, which can be used to buy certain stuff like Weapon Camos not obtainable anywhere else and if you score well enough, Star Gem rewards.

Full Guide to Mission:Strike (CM1)

Full Guide to Mission:Decision (CM2)

Here are a few pointers to know about Challenge Mode before you start playing:

VR Management

When playing the quests, everyone shares a VR energy meter. For 1 and 2, it ticks down every so often and it will only pause during interval areas. You may restore it through the VR Capsules scattered around the maps you'll go through but just note that anyone that dies in your MPA will reduce the amount of VR you have, in which you'll have to revive with a Moon Atomizer to gain it back. If you pick up a VR capsule and it would end up "overfilling" your current energy, then those get converted into extra Miles to account for a better score at the end.

If the Meter fully depletes, you automatically end the mission and will get your score tallied.

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Here are the breakpoints for each of the VR capsule to fully restore your VR to max + getting 1 overcap point. Blue line is Small, Orange is Medium, and Red is Large.

Pastebin to timing your VR capsule with a Timer (Created by Matt S.)

Quick shop list for intervals

In these quests, reaching an interval area brings you to a Shop NPC that lets you trade gear for stuff. It is very important to buy the gear from them, but what exactly? If you're unsure what to use here's a handy list of what you should get. Thanks to Tikitai for building the list:

Mission: Strike Intervals -

Grinder Priority: Dot Set ("Vinculum" units, I1 to I2) > Challenge Dolls > Moon Atomizer > Healing Items > Chain Trigger (I5)

Interval 1 - Saint Kilda, Attack PP Restorate, Zero Ranged Advance 1, vinculum units if missing: Steady Shot Alternative: Beam, Scepter, Wand lovers, Wand Focus. Twin Machinegun Focus (Funji)

Interval 2 - Firearms, Dive Roll Shot, Elemental Amplifier if missing: Cluster Shot Alternative: Katana, Katana Focus, Lunar Flourishing

Interval 3 - Ridoltiv, Wise Stance, Perfectionist Funji Bait (if weapons available) - Dash Wing, Soaring Blade Focus / Radiegle, Satellite Aim

Interval 4 - Red Rifle, Standing Snipe 1 If enough materials: Red Launcher If missing: Piercing Shell Alternative: Any weapon gear, Fury Stance 1 (If using Melee), Elemental Conversion Convert extra items here

Interval 5 - Blue Rifle (Upgrade from Red Rifle), Challenge Dolls If enough materials: Chain Trigger Convert items here

Mission:Decision Intervals -

Mission: Decision

Grinder Priority: Dot Set ("Vinculum" Units I1) > Challenge Dolls > Restorative items

Interval 1 - Wired Lance/Katana/Knuckles (Depending on what PA drops were obtained, Katana priority), vinculum units, Precision Stance, Tech Arts Pa, Step JA (If Melee), Katana Combat (if Katana) If "Gunslinger Spin" was obtained: TMGs (Only 20% of the MPA should obtain if multiple copies) If enough materials: Chase Advance Alternative: Blaze Parry/Dispersion Strike (for possible drop gamble later on)

Interval 2 - Upgrade from your Interval 1 weapon, Challenge Dolls If using Knuckles - Step Advance, Knuckles Focus Boost If using Soaring Blades - Soarding Blade Escape Red Stone - Twist Driver (Wired Lance user) Cross Cut (12* Sword user) or Unit if n/a Blue Stone - Satellite Aim (TMG user), High Time (TMG User) or Unit if n/a Green Stone - Shifta Strike (if have Shifta) Thriving Bellflower (if Katana) or Unit if n/a Yellow Stone - Zanverse (anyone) Heavenly Kite (if Soaring Blade user) or Unit if n/a

More information will be added later when future content comes, or if people request to know more about the mode!

The latest update brings in CM3: Violent Tremor! (Also may sometimes be referred to as "MISSION:Cataclsym")

Unlike the other quests, this one removes the concept of having an always ticking timer in the form of the VR and just makes it a more straightforward life bar-type affair, where dying is the only method of reducing your VR. This also means that there is a maximum score to achieve in this quest (7368)

Check out this guide I made for the full breakdown of CM3! Full Guide to Mission:Violent Tremor (CM3)

In addition, clearing and achieving certain titles in this quest gives you the Fluxio weapon series! They're identical to the Rinser weapon series that can drop from Endless Nightmare (And they do interact with each other proper since, well, they have the same potential) and you can form change the weapon for free anytime at Zieg.

The Challenge Mile shop will also have new stuff added into it, so it's a good time as ever to get and spend them for some useful stuff on there!

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Now that CM3 is (finally) confirmed, updated post with the CM3 guide!