Old game stuff but I wanna know: how to tell which Castrum Demonica is which

I know, old content, but my curiosity is too much now. How does one know where each Castrum Demonica is from? There are four in total, but I can never tell which is which, so I don't know where to go for COs (like Alliance COs) that want me to smack a specific Castrum Demonica.

for what I know they are like this

Castrum Demonica: Lanzer Vales - Cuento (is also the first type we meet in Cuento)

Castrum Demonica: Gasul Dhol - Weyland

Castrum Demonica: Buster Vales - Epyk

Castrum Demonica: Misil Gassdo - Ys Artia

I'm not 100% sure over the last 2, also the first 2 appear only in Buster quests but it has 50% to each one to appear, Misil Gassdo only appear in the woods and Buster Vales only in Castrum Demonica Madness.

Hmmm that would make the Alliance CO asking to kill the ones only appearing in Buster Quests dead content. Sucks, but ah well. I'll never understand why they level capped these things (making them impossible to solo).