How should I convert the Luster event gunblades based on my current main/alt?

I've been trying out Luster on my alt, but honestly I'm just not feeling it, so I'll likely be returning it back to Fi. This would free up the event gunblades (Rivalate, Atlas EX, Trailblazer), meaning I can convert them into things for both of my characters. What should I convert each of them into, based on my current characters and what I'm looking for? For the record:

Main: Ph (mostly rifle main, but I like all the weapons enough to use all of them every once in a while) with Dusk katana, Atlas EX rifle, Dusk rod and Genon rifle (PP battery)

Sub: Fi/Hu (might possibly switch to Fi/Et or Fi/Lu if preferrable; knuckle main with occasional DS usage) without much besides Nemesis knuckles

Zig can convert certain weapons into other types however that doesn't applies to Harmonizers because they don't have augments, so if you want to change those gunblades go to Zig also those campaign weapons did came with the resources to change then into other types so if you didn't use all then you have everything to change to the weapon you want, just don't change it to a Harmonizer is not worth it.