InVEntoRy fULlL

"The purchase cannot be completed, because your inventory is full, or you have exceeded the quantity limit."

Jesus christ, shut up. Those error message pop ups are extremely annoying.

I love how this game adds crap like stones that are just there to fill up your inventory so you buy more space. -_-

It should just move it to your storage after purchase, so annoying.

Wouldn't even be that much of an issue if inventory / character storage expansions could be sold on the player market and there doesn't seem to be any reason why they shouldn't be as SEGA would get the money for their purchase regardless.

As someone with additional inventory and storage space, it’s never enough. My inventory still fills to the brim because I loot everything. Like I said, if your inventory is full then your purchase should just go to your storage instead of canceling the sale.

I mean, if your inventory is full and you use too many AC scratches then the excess prizes go to your storage. I don’t see why this can’t also apply to market purchases.

I do have all my inv spaces purchased and I'm usually always on premium. But what really grinds my gears are the expired storages..... I would rather buy a permanent storage or have them come with my premium time. Specially the material storage which is kind of a must in the game...

I hate when the premium ends, and after 5 days my material storage expires, then after 7 more days another storage expires, then.... -.-