Concerning the twitter "Share your look" giveaway

For an entry to qualify, does it have to be outfits, costumes, accessories, etc. only? Or can armor units be incorporated?

I had a look at the rules and the only stipulation about what you can and can’t use involved collaborations:

“Using collaboration items other than SEGA’s owned property is prohibited”

It also needs to fit the theme of 1 year anniversary, but apart from that you are free to use what you like.

Why oh why must it be Twitter... thinking about participating in this, too. I have no idea what the heck an anniversary outfit would look like though.

@Milk I personally don't use that platform, but it's because it's easy to access it and it's also easier for them to share it to other communities or people who do not even know about pso2. Basically sort of a PR move.