Note: This may not be a bug, however this is different from JP so I'm assuming it is. On JP, classes other than Summoner are able to get the Super parfait drops, including Super Critical Parfait and Super Spirited Parfait. They were still fairly rare, but they are marketable, and that's how Summoners were able to stock up on them. The only Su mainclass parfaits, according to SWiki's data, are the Exquisite Parfaits.

After a lot of runs today and yesterday across a bunch of alliances, the only parfait drops that have been reported are for Summoner Mainclass. The market reflects this with an insanely low supply of Super Critical Parfaits being available despite people literally having their 50 run title now.

This is really frustrating as the drop rate on these parfaits are really low for being Summoner main class only (currently on 1 in 25 runs, most I've seen reported by others is 4 in 30ish runs) and most Summoners are just going to keep them for themselves. But you want a lot of these parfaits if you're playing summoner nowadays. This means I have to run an unbelievable amount of this Urgent Quest or hope people go Summoner to get them to drop in order to sell on the market -- which is concerning considering the nature of this Urgent Quest really wanting people to be contributing a decent amount, but people may go in with undergeared Summoners just because of the chance of getting a parfait worth like 40-50 million.

Realistically I think the solution is:

  1. Revert to the way it is on JP as a bug fix. Even lowering the droprate slightly would be fine in this case, although by the time this hits less people might run it.
  2. Buff the droprate for Summoner Main Class and keep it as Su main only. This current droprate is simply unreasonable if it's going to stay Su main only.