Request: slit gloves and socks black

I'm looking for a body paint, slit gloves and socks black, apparently it was part of a fun scratch ticket way back when and is no longer available. I'm hoping someone has an extra they have lying in their storage collecting dust. Thanks in advance! 🙂 I'm on ship 2

I don't have any on hand, but they're still on the market board. Just search for "slit socks gloves black" and then Search By Price (if you hit the Search next to the name, nothing might show up, but that's caching stuff and doesn't actually matter), there's a bunch up starting at 198k meseta. Just make sure you search for "slit socks gloves black" and not "slit gloves socks black".

the white+brown sets are also selling, for ~50k and 12k meseta respectively.

Thanks I just got one! 🙂