"Disconnected from Server" After Completion of new UQ

Suprised that nobody is talking about this. I have gotten a "No response from PSO2 servers" 5 out of the 16 times i've completed the new urgent Face of The Abyss. I'm also not the only person, I know about 6 other players dealing with this problem. If this is some kind of bug please try to fix this it's very discouraging. d912ef35-2900-48aa-ac68-399ed4e1d486-image.png

And no it's not my connection, it only happens with this quest. I should have the new weapon by now, guess ill just do enough quests for 2 of the weapons and only have enough Darkstones for 1 ............

Yeah, this is an issue that has happened to a couple of my friends, guess they broke the game again...

@Koisen This is something that deserves to be looked at to be addressed in an urgent maintenance it's not right.

I am having this problem regardless of quest or not. Each time I try to connect to the game; or change from map I get disconnect and either error 630 or error 249. And 9 our of 10 times when I try to get in the game ships appear "on maintenance" or when not, it chokes on authenticating ID.

Just posted a ticket about this. It only happens with the new UQ for me, pretty sure something is happening during the teleport to the loot area. Cause even if I watch the cut scene, I still dc before someone else can destroy the crystal.

And of course, it only happens sometimes. Seemingly random.

PLS fix, this is some ole bs

This started with the Final Lament boss teleporter for me, then a couple days ago spread to this UQ, and now its happening at the divide boss teleporter too. It's getting scary and ridiculous that I can no longer play these parts of the game without fear of bans for abandonment because of a cancerous glitch that's decided to start spreading.

I used to have this issue a lot since started playing, what i did is avoid joining party in UQ, now it rarely happens its just my theory but its better than feeling at risk every time, i still join a party sometimes but only if im ok with a 630, cuz i play from sea other games i play outside like XO have a lot of issues with ping and packet loss related to multiplayer raids.