Bought AC through Epicstore

I spent 50 dollars for AC last night through the epicstore i got the email receipt but i did not get the AC at all i waited a day just incase it came through but still did not get it i checked my bank account i was still charged for it please help

for that kind of thing is better to send a ticket, there's nothing much that can be done in the forums when is related to purchase transactions even more that this kind of thing involves information related to the transaction that cannot be made public

ok thank you

Typically, for a first purchase of in-game currency, it would be 24-48 hour wait. Also, you have to log-in with your Epic account to claim purchases on your Epic Account. You can't just try something like buying it on Epic and trying to claim it on Seam or MS Store version of the game. If you buy on Epic, you have to claim while logged in on Epic. Contrary to what some people seem to think, the link is only to share characters and progress on other platforms. Purchases and the like are still tied exclusively to the platform it was bought it and can only be used on other platforms after being claimed on the account that bought it. It would be so much easier if we just had an account through Sega and made purchases through Sega, though. Then, we would always get in-game currency purchases right away.