Affixing so frustrating

Ok so im still newbie in affixing units.. my mana reverie is gone when I tried to upslot my unit GG this is so hard I spent 6m and 120mission token all gone. Is there any easiest way demonstration? I'm Luster so what I need are (Mana reverie, Mitra Glare, Sentence Precision, Astral Soul, Precision IV, junk s7) I can't put it all .

@Hyakyuuen The easiest way I know would be:

  1. Wait 2 weeks for the "boost week" and then make a 3-slot fodder unit that has Mitra Glare, Sentence Precision, and Precision 5/6. To make this you'll need 2 pieces of 3-slot fodder with Mitra Glare on them, a 3-slot Schvelle Arm unit enhanced to +10, a 3-slot Novel or Rivalate arm unit enhanced to +10, and a 30% Augmentation Aid item in your inventory*.
  2. Use Augment Transfer Passes to move those 3 affixes to a 4-slot fodder unit while adding Mana Reverie via the capsule from the Mission Badge Swap Shop.
  3. Add your Junk S7 to the unit you actually want to wear (Klauz, Atlas, Trailblazer, etc.) and then upslot it to 6-slots during Boost Week using Augmentation Aid items to counter-act the upslotting penalty.
  4. Use Augment Transfer Passes to move the 4 affixes on your fodder unit to the 6-slot unit you want to wear while adding Astral Soul via the capsule from the Mission Badge Swap Shop.
  • *Just to clarify, having 2 copies of Mitra Glare on fodder units will give you a 50% chance to transfer it, but with the upcomming boost week (+20%) and a 30% AA item you'll be able to move this guaranteed (50 + 20 + 30 = 100%). Enhancing certain 13 star units to +10 unlocks their "Augment Factor" (SAF on JP servers) which is an affix that will transfer with 100% success so long as that unit is in your affixing recipe. Schvelle Arms have Sentence Precision as their SAF and Novel/Rivalate Arms have Precision 5/6 as their SAF.

There's a few affixing sims out there:

I'm pretty scrubby at affixing myself, but these help a bit.

Thank you guys ! this is a big help !!!