Can you Turn Off Mining and Fishing Icons?

Hey sorry if some one asked before, but is there any way to turn off the in game mining and fishing icons? The big glowing ones you activate to mine/fish themselves. I know they have an in game purpose, but they just make the game so ugly. I tried making a new character but even that didn't work.

If you can't turn them off, does anyone know the trigger for the icons to appear? Is it entering the cafe? I'm going to try making a new account next and I want to make sure I avoid the same issue.

I know this seem minor, but I've sunk like thirty hours into this character and I hate to restart over glowing icons marring the beautiful levels.

Those are like.. the parts of the Expedition maps, there is no trigger. I don't think they can be turned off, but do note that they only appear in Expeditions

sorry to tell you but you can't turn off mining and fishing symbols in the minimap or in your screen, however they only appear in expeditions until episode 4 so if annoys you that much you can do other types of quests to not see then.

I think going to franca's cafe or talking to sofia there trigger's them. Otherwise I don't think they icons appear (nor can you mine or fish until you do).