CAMPAIGN: BUY SG! Did not receive my campaign items

As the title says I did not receive my campaign items at all and yes I did purchase the required amount of SG

I have submitted a ticket aswell but I wanted to post about this, I blurred out important account info

Please fix this

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Not to Jinx you but what if you bought the SG at 2/9 10:59PM PST? Do you remember if you bought the SG before or after Maintenance started?

Yeah I bought it the morning of 2/10

Did you switch to another platform like Steam or Epic? If so, switch back to Microsoft and see if you can claim it.

Nope I have been on Xbox this entire time

@SaviorZero82 That really sucks, I'm sorry. Well, you purchased the SG in US dollars so I'm assuming you're in the US. You DID get the 2000+ SG in February, and it wasn't ordered for a different account, right?

@FANtasyStarOnline right I ordered it on my Xbox account that is definitely tied to my pso2 account, the GM team is currently looking into it so I’ll just wait and see

Hey have they gotten back to yet cause i purchased several things and not received them yet either

Eh, is this how you buy SG on global.

On JP, you spend AC to buy SG in game, not through website.

@HarmlessSyan said in CAMPAIGN: BUY SG! Did not receive my campaign items:

Eh, is this how you buy SG on global.

On JP, you spend AC to buy SG in game, not through website.

Global ver, you can either purchase SG with AC and as well via MS store/Steam Store/EG store. The game will direct you to the store.

@Anthro-Cheetah well that's the thing, on JP you actually have to do the purchase in-game to qualify for the campaigns. I remember there was a buy AC campaign on JP PSO2 - but I bought it on PSO2es mobile game (they are technically tied together) rather than in PSO2 and it did not qualify. Luckily I didn't care for the buy AC campaign rewards, it just happened at the same time they did a 90-day premium campaign.

The game directing me to MS store via Xbox when I was purchasing the SG and I manage to get the campaign items.

@Cloudaven they have but it was to tell me they are looking into it

@HarmlessSyan here is what it says on the official post, so my purchase should of counted


Looks like it was my error, I thought I bought it after 2 on 2/10 but it looks like I bought it to early, Their record show I bought it on 2/9 @ 10:56 pst so 2/10 1:56 est, so user error on my part