Glare Catalyst not showing up in affix list?

So I'm in the middle of making Absolute glare for a more complex affix setup. Normally when making affixes like Mana Reverie you would have the option to also affix Reverie Catalyst alongside Mana Reverie. Specifically 3 Catalysts will transfer them. (Dunno why you would want to but it's there) And for some reason using three Glare Catalysts will not let me transfer them. It would normally be a 30% chance and it doesn't show up even if I take off the other fodders.

For reference I'm just doing 4 glare catalysts and one photoner glare to make Absolute Glare so I'm not sure if this is a bug or if its intended? It'd seem weird if this was intended because it's kind of bizzare to limit a random affix like this. To prove I'm not crazy here's a picture.


Glare Catalyst cannot be transfered, that's just how it was made to be.