What quests level up these damned collection weapons? other than the urgent quests?

takes so long as I see maybe 2 of the quests a day as I work.

depends of the collection you are doing, beginner and 13 star can be done anywhere but they also require to finish several expeditions to complete then, 15 material can only be done by killing supernatural enemies and legendary and eggs can only be done by killing Luminmech enemies.

@VI-Lycan-Lupgarou Jamesmor gave good advice. But if you want the weapons from Collection Folders with a UQ requirement, keep in mind that you can also make progress by running 12-man triggers (i.e. solo triggers don't count).

So you can either go to the trigger block on your ship and join folks running 12-man triggers, or you can run your own 12-man triggers solo on a lower difficulty. For example, awhile back I ran a bunch of 12-man Persona triggers on Super Hard to farm void fragments and progressed a lot of folders in the process. To run a trigger solo you just need to add a password to the Quest and limit people joining your party to only Friends/Alliance members. However, you could also just leave your trigger open to all and start it up imediately; if anyone joins it'll simply get done that much faster!

@Rang-Dipkin is not necessary to do triggers to farm the collections, sure is faster doing then but the enemies needed can be found outside of triggers, supernaturals can be easily be found in black forest and Luminmech can be found in divide quests the only issue is that if you don't have level to go in these places then it will be more difficult to complete the collections related to those enemies.

triggers? supernaturals? how do i find or que for these? i have leveled 6 of the 15 weapons so far-- but itakes do long doing ti only from urgent quests.

is enchanted forest the same as cursred forest? if not can cursed forest be used to kill supernatural enemies?

@VI-Lycan-Lupgarou yes it is, I was not in the game when I made the post so I keep forgetting the name of that place and that is the only place outside of buster quests that you gonna find supernaturals.

@Jamesmor I was just referring to CFs that have a component that requires UQ completions. Going from memory, I think Revolsio had 3 components and one was UQs (others were any kills and exploration completions). More recently I thought the Orb weapons required UQ completions but I may be wrong.

@VI-Lycan-Lupgarou Triggers are an item that can start up an Urgent Quest at any time and people can join if they're on your block. You can purchase triggers for Rising Weapon Badges (RWBs) on the 2nd floor of the Shopping Plaza. Different triggers are sold for each of the 5 different RWBs and you can find a list here if you click on the different shops at the top of the page.

As for running triggers, you simply carry the item in your inventory and then go to the quest counter. Under the Subquests menu you should see "Trigger Quests" and it'll show the UQs you have triggers for (in inventory). There on certain blocks on each ship (e.g. Block 1 on most ships) where people commonly run Triggers if you want to join for free or find random players to run yours. However, I believe SEGA recently added a dedicated block for coordinating triggers so I'd check there first. I haven't actually looked for this block yet myself, but here was announcement:


If you've got a Quest Trigger and have been debating the best way to fill a group and get it done, then we've got some great news for you operative! We're adding a new Block to your Ship, where those who specifically would like to join a party to do Quest Triggers can gather! This way you'll know that those around you are all up for some teamwork! So form a group, get your Rare Drops, and get those Triggers done!"

thanks for all the help

OK-- so now the 1st weapon of the collection quests is leveled-- and the 2nd weapon is stuck at 55.97percent all day today.

no matter what triggers or urgents quests that appear, its its not leveling the 2nd weapon further. Why?

That might be a mob type, meaning you have to run quests that have it in them (Like Lumamechs or Supernaturals).

@VI-Lycan-Lupgarou If you pull up the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, in one of those icons you'll see "Collection Folders" as a menu option (can't remember which but it may be the furthest to the left). When you go into that menu you'll see the names of all CFs you've picked up. If you click on a specific weapon it'll display the subfolders/weapons you need to complete. And then if you hover over each of those weapons you'll see a description of what you need to do to complete it in the top right corner of the screen. As LazerRay said, you may need to kill a specific type of enemy or may need to do a different quest type (e.g. exploration missions).

something just feels wrong though-- itsl mot like im doing anything different. It was leveling and now its jsut stopped

@VI-Lycan-Lupgarou Hmm, that does sound strange. If you can, try to take a screenshot of the folder in question and post it here, or just tell us the name of the CF weapon and which subfolder you can't progress and we can look it up in-game.

If it's truly a bug you could submit a support ticket on this site with as many details as possible (screenshot would be helpful for them too).

so its the twin dagger and fist weapon. The mobs that level it are lumintech mobs. The UQ this morning leveled it from 1 run though to 100 from 55.... go figure.