The amount of whining about servers being offline is a bit sad. Every MMO has server maintenance during a decent sized update. At least every MMO that I've played, including, but not limited to Black Desert Online, Tera Online, Elder Scrolls Online, DCUO, etc. Its nothing new, and par the course, and doesn't even cover weekly maintenance, or biweekly maintenance, depending upon the company's decisions. I feel like you guys either never played a true multi member online before, or you actually came here to complain about a commonplace thing. Either way, just stop. Make memes out of it, as a way to joke and pass the time, but stop acting like this whenever there is maintenance. You should be use to this by now. Besides, without proper maintenance, MMO servers begin to have issues, and I don't think any of you want 48 hour maintenance windows. And yes I realize this is almost a day old topic, but it irks me when people don't appreciate the work that goes into keeping these games online.

Edit: This is specifically to those whining about nothing, not to those upset their client likes to off itself into the digital abyss. That's an actual issue.