Game runtime not installed

I've done near everything at this point, from installing and using powershell scripts on tweaker to reinstalling the game again, I have gaming services installed and everything- what am I doing wrong? I've made sure tweaker had all the files sorted out too before trying anything else.

If it helps, when I login I see "[TAB] Switch Accounts / No User" either but clicking tab or any other button seems to do absolutely nothing.

you also need the Xbox Identity Provider because PSO2 uses the Xbox Live ID for the account now if you also have it and are having issues than it can be broken scripts that can be fixed but takes time and if you updated to version 20H2 then patience that this new version is having some issues with some applications.

@Jamesmor Alright, I do have the 20H2 version so that makes more sense- thanks.

20H2 gives a ton of GameGuard Errors because of their changes to Windows 10 that GG isn't ready for on the Global release. As for the runtime errors, it might be Visual C++ being corrupt. You can download that from Microsoft's Website. You will need the ones labelled 2015 to the present, both the x86 and x64 versions.